Revitalise Renovations.



With no website at all, and having previously not invested in a web presence Revitalise Renovations recognised that they had fallen behind the times and needed to update their image to remain relevant and competitive.

The company had been trading under a different name for some years and came to us with a fresh new brand name, a strong message for the market, and a revised business model. Recognising the importance of having a website to match the desires for the new image of the company, Revitalise Renovations contacted us and we were given the privilege of taking this task on.

As we do where possible with all of our clients we met with the owners and sat down for a discussion to understand exactly what was desired from the new website. Once we had fully understood the clients requirements and collectively agreed upon the most suitable and effective package for their requirements, we got to work!

Cantab Web Designs provided Revitalise Renovations with a professionally designed and fully interactive website which they could use as a marketing tool for their growing business. Including online booking and enquiry functions amongst other things, this was a platform the company desperately needed to remain relevant and competitive as more and more people turn to the internet for browsing and buying products and services.

Revitalise Renovations are now able to reach a far greater audience and get their message out to potential customers. Opting for our Business Pro package we built a number of interactive functions into the website across multiple pages. A new professional looking email address and a landline phone number completed the new look for this property renovation company with big plans.

Taking advantage of several additional services, Cantab Web Solutions assisted in the complete rebranding of this company through logo design, professional photography and provided a full content writing service.

“Cantab Web Solutions were a great help from the moment we first contacted them, we are very happy with our new website, it more than met our expectations and does everything we want.” Lloyd - Revitalise Renovations